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Online Jazz Lessons Enrolling NOW!

Now's the time to hit the shed and get your jazz chops you always wanted. Whether you're brand new to jazz or a pro musician upping your game, we'll get you to the next level.

Award-winning proven jazz instruction now available online! Space is limited ENROLL TODAY

Here's what to expect depending on your level of experience: Beginners (previous piano experience recommended, though not required) - learn to read and play from a fake book (Real Book)

- learn how to play jazz chords

- learn what makes the jazz sounds

- learn how to play a simple jazz solo within months of starting - begin to build a jazz vocabulary

Intermediate - learn the most used modes in improvisation and how to use them - learn jazz theory and why it matters

- learn rootless voicings and quartal voicings - learn to play with amazing time-feel - deepen your jazz vocabulary from the Masters and actually use the language in your solos - build killer technique and unstoppable chops Advanced (late-intermediate to professional) - broaden your jazz theory to further inform your soloing concepts

- solidify your bebop language and its fluent application

- dig deep into post-bop and other modern language

- explore and attain fluency in multiple time-feels and genres

- venture into genre-specific studies - gain proficiency in recording and music technologies - optional pedagogy studies for those wishing a career in music education

- optional explorations into Latin music, Latin jazz, and World music

This is a rare opportunity to study with a 20 year veteran award-winning jazz professor! Space is limited.


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