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Peter is a magnificently brilliant musician and he's able to translate his talent from his hands/heart/head to a student. His instruction and guidance is creative, fresh, challenging, and extremely effective. Highly recommend!

Christian Harger

Great experience. Peter really focused on what I wanted to learn and helped me prepare for college as a music major. We were able to focus on  contemporary and jazz music. In addition to learning piano, he helped me prepare for gigs and auditions and gave me a lot of helpful tips on how to succeed as a freelance musician.

Alexis Tyler

I was a student of Peter's for 4 years at North Central University. I was a music major, and studied almost exclusively with Pete every semester. Although I wasn't majoring in piano specifically, Pete invested himself fully into my development from the start. His passion for educational excellence is deep and has the uncanny ability to adapt to his students regardless of age or ability. I watched him go from teaching me high level jazz theory during my lesson, to working with student brand new to piano back to back at the next lesson. His ability to break concepts and theory down is a highlight of his teaching style. Countless times in my lessons with him, a light bulb just popped on in my brain and the material that I was struggling with at hand was now made clear to me.


From a technical standpoint, Pete is as good as they come. His ability and  technique is nothing short of world class. I'm a current full time musician, and every time I play a gig in town with new players, they ask me who I studied with, and as soon as I drop Pete's name, nothing but high praise and respect follows. I know no other piano player, let alone musician, with as much proficiency within such a wide array of musical styles and genres. His appreciation for ALL music is unparalleled among any educator in the Twin

Cities. Most importantly, Pete is as genuine and kind-hearted as they come. Some of our lessons didn't even involved playing a single note, but consisted of talking music, entrepreneurial endeavors, cars, food, and just plain good conversation. While music education was the focus, Pete was never afraid to take some time and relate to me on a personal level by just checking in with how my week went and telling me about where the best places to grab Thai food were at. You won't find a better teacher than Pete! 

Taylor Heinzen

I've had many piano teachers in my life but Peter Shu stands out as the one who helped me step up my skill level. He knew how to challenge and encourage me. Shu introduced me to new styles (jazz) and drew resources from my musical preferences (classical & pop). He also helped book my first gig! Shu is a versatile and knowledgeable teacher! I highly recommend him to students of all levels and musical backgrounds.

Amaryah LaBeff

Peter Shu helped me apply music theory knowledge into real life playing! He made composition, and playing so much fun, while teaching me so much about gospel, jazz, left hand bass, and so much more! I wish I could take lessons from him again. Thanks for all you do, Pete!!

Andrew Dawson

Never experienced anything like working with Peter! His wisdom, creativity and gifting is astounding! What a fabulous, patient Teacher. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to be taught by him!

Jody Paulsen


Peter is the BEST piano teacher I've ever had. I love his encouraging style and the method he uses is very much better than the old school way, much faster, more efficient, and way more fun! Thank you, Peter.

Carol Brown

Pete pushes you in the best way possible. I learned the most about music from this guy when I was at North Central University. He knows so many different styles of music that I had never heard of before. Most definitely have this guy teaching you or your children.

Andrew Goulson

No matter where your musicianship is at, if you wanna get to the next level and beyond, Pete's your guy. He is absolutely profound at meeting you where you're at and making complex theory and technique easily accessible. The staggering wealth of knowledge and expertise he brings to the table is unmatched. Highest recommendation.

Dustin Pratt

Peter Shu is the reason I enjoyed my college experience. He inspires me more than any teacher ever has, he knows how to meet his students in the level they're at and always is sure to include the reasons why it is important to learn something. I could not recommend a better piano teacher than him.

Jordan Hays

Music Production is a class all music students should be required to take as it gives such an overall assessment of the entire recording studio processes and everything that goes in to the behind the scenes work. This was by far one of the most beneficial classes I was able to take. I hope that the students who take it understand the incredible wealth of materials, business acumen, and wisdom Professor Pete hands out.

Robert Price

Peter Shu is an excellent teacher! I started taking lessons with him beginning in February of 2017. He is very adaptable to each student in his teaching approach where he is constantly emphasizing technique and theory without sacrificing fun or the musical preferences of his pupil. He is patient yet firm and can teach a variety of styles from classical to jazz to popular to sacred. I would highly recommend him for both adult and or child beginner and or advanced!

Joseph D. Garnier

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