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Hi there my name is Professor Peter Shu. I have been teaching piano for 34 years, and at the college level for 24 years. My students range from the beginner 6 year old, to the intermediate/advanced 12 year old, to the undergraduate music major, to 40 year veteran music professionals. My alumni students have gone on to become professional touring musicians, staff arrangers, studio professionals, church music directors, pastors, music missionaries, and professors.


As a professor you will have access to a broad-based music education in a private setting, in topics ranging from beginner piano, to music theory, music history, applied theory, classical and jazz technique, music technology, recording technology, improvisation, jazz theory, arranging, and composition. Genres you can choose from include classical, pop, jazz, fusion, gospel, and world music. Lesson delivery can be local in one of three locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, or online.


As my private student you get access to the same level of undergraduate-level education at a private lesson rate, without the huge expense of enrolling in a 4-year context.



BS in Church Music, North Central University 1998

MMus in Music Education, Boston University 2012



Private Teaching Experience 34 years

Collegiate Teaching Experience 24 years

Professional Performing, Recording, and  National Touring Experience 33 years

Lecturer in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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