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  • For the fresh beginner, or anyone who is in a piano method (Primer Level through Level 5)

  • For the 7 year old to 90 year old! Anyone can learn to play!

  • For the player who learned as a child and wants to get back to the piano.

  • $45 per half hour

Beginner Lessons


  • For the student who has graduated from the methods and beginning to study the Sonatinas and standard repertoire

  • For the Suzuki/Yamaha student who can play past Level 3 repertoire but cannot sight-read.

  • For the church and pop musician who can read off a chord chart but wants to go further

  • For the classically trained musician getting into improvisation

  • For the beginner improviser eager to get deeper

  • $45 per half hour

Intermediate Lessons


  • For the proficient pop/church musician who is ready to learn advanced improvisation and advanced harmony

  • For the seasoned pro to improve their technique, applied theory, composition, or arranging chops.

  • For the intermediate improviser ready to tackle bebop

  • For the proficient player to explore unfamiliar genres

  • For the production/performance student to study music entrepreneurship and get one-on-one accountability

  • For the church music professional to get mentoring and accountability

  • $90 per hour

Advanced Lessons

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