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Mr. Shu’s performance experience spans two and a half decades, across American and world genres, in contexts local to international. Please refer to the Biography page for more detailed descriptions.

esprit de corps 1998-2000

Peter Shu Trio 1998

Christ Church International/NE A/G 1999-2007

CLJP 2009-2013

Rubix 2009-2015

Cityview Church 2010-2012

Sangre Comun 2011-2013

Goza 2011

Worship Live World (NCU) 2011-2016

Open Door EWM Church 2013

Daphne June Lau 2013

Standards Quintet/TC Jazz Collective 2013-2014

Shu/Denbow/Mills/Lewis 2015


GWM 2007-present [Trinidad and Tobago]

Chino Latino Jazz Project (CLJP) 2009-present

Shu/Denbow/Mills/Arlig 2017-present

Rubix 2009-present



JB Grads 1991-97

One Accord (NCU) 1997

Bobby Peterson - TC Jazz Festival 1999

Ben Harris & Lifestyles - Jazz88 "Jazz at the G" 2002

Nachito Herrera - TC Jazz Festival 2007

New Hope Church 2008-2010

Cristoson 2009

Dizzy 2010

Steve Millar and the Diamondheads 2010

Mick Sterling and the Irresistibles 2010-2011

Charanga Tropical 2010-2011

Sonora Cafe 2010-2012

K-Libre 24 2010-2014

Tropical Zone 2010-2012

Domingo Espectacular 2011

MVP 2011-2012

Damian Rodriguez 2012

Jeff Perry 2012

Mark Yanni 2012

Gerry O'Hagan Orchestra 2012

Robert Everest Expedition - TC Jazz Festival 2012

Open Door EWM Church 2013

Lila Ammons 2014

Ashley 5 2014


Heart of the City Worship 2001-present

Ralph Hepola 2014-present

Robert Everest Expedition 2010-present

Brazilfest 2015-present


Emmanuel Christian Center 2016-present

Woodbury UMC 2016-present

Salem Covenant Church 2017-present

Sanctuary Covenant Church 2017-present


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